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"I'm nothing special, in fact I'm a bit of a bore..."

This is the way a description of me should begin. So, this is what I'm doing, right?

OK. Where do I begin, where do I end?

I was born in Frankfurt am Main in Germany and have been living here for quite a while now - twenty years, in fact. I've always had a tendency to muck about, talk rubbish and that sort of thing.

My nickname has always been 'Lyn' and for aesthetic reasons I decided to add an 'ne' to the end.

I'm addicted to Tiramisu, can't live without good fragrances (above all, freshly blooming plants) and am a bit of a shopping victim, although I think I always keep "the really important things in life" in sight.

I really love to watch new DVDs with my friends (an all time fav' is "Leon, the Profi"), but I'm usually available on weekends for dancing the night away.
I love screaming, cursing and laughing. That is, I'm seldom quiet. Except, perhaps, when I find a person is so uninteresting that I hide myself in silence until they leave me in peace. However, I usually find an interesting side to most people.

I am crazy about Sophie Zelmani, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, José Gonzalez, Sufjan Stevens, Damien Rice... etc. etc. etc. Otherwise, my musical tastes are rather flexible. Depending on my mood something different booms out of my speaker boxes - especially those of my lovely little Mini - another of my passions, by the way. I should also mention my baby, at this point. Sorry! =) I am stubborn, proud, impulsive.

So much for my more negative characteristics! Otherwise, I am inquistive, tolerant, honest and sometimes too much of a softy.

You'll seldom meet Lynne without her being a bit of a sceptic. There, the realist in me comes out, because I don't want to end up disappointed - perhaps, just like every other person.

Nevertheless, something in me still believes in the little house in the suburbs with a Labrador retriever, as well as a husband and kids... =)

In this sense… you should all feel embraced by me.


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