"when she walks, she swings her arms…. Instead of her hips!"

That's one of my favourite quotes - possibly, because it comes from one of my favourite bands. When I'm asked about my hobbies, then you quickly hear, "listening to music". Sounds a bit bleak, but it's definitely one of my favourite things to do.
Whether I'm in a car, at home or underway on foot, it's always via my little green iPod:
I'm really into 'grunge'. Music that's a little more punky and that tends in the direction of 'alternative', I find really irresistible.
More commercial bands like Blink 182, Foo Fighters, Weezer, or Green Day (I'm not mentioning Nirvana here out of protest!) are just as great. Just like more unknown bands with names like "Taking Back Sunday", "Motion City Soundtrack" or "Spoon".
Apart from more rocky, headbanging songs, I am getting more and more into quiet acoustic pieces.
For some time now I have also been toying around with the guitar, although with not so much success this far.
I've got more staying power, however, when it comes to eating (even if you don't believe me there!). I could fill myself day and night with lasagna and spaghetti. After that, eat a whole tub of Mousse au Chocolat, and I just can't get enough of "Fritt" chewing gum.
One of my great pleasures is driving aimlessly around the neighbourhood (my 'sporting edition' has red seat belts!).
Apart from this, I have a bit of a penchant for mobile telephones.
My vices: an irrepressible passion for collecting Chuck Taylor All Converse All Star shoes (this far, I already have fifteen) and my greatest vice - smoking, that I plan to give up shortly; something that it was hard not to notice in the "Barbie Girl" video (for this, a sincere apology!)
Nevertheless - Grunge on!


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